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Are you an RSMIN citizen, and continuing your education? If so, then don’t delay and send in your application for RSMIN’s Advanced Education Award. For full details and application forms click on “Read More”Read More

A new training program was developed for First Nations and Métis citizens who are interested in archaeologically. The program, which is a 3-4 day event will be held at Lakehead University in the third week of May. Two days of classroom instructions followed by 1-2days of field testing alongside the Lakehead Field school. For full details click on “Read More” and view the poster.Read More

If you will be hunting or will be in the area of Escape Creek (UTM Sone 16U, 356323me 5399332mN) please be aware of the mobilization of heavy equipment to remove the temporary bridge that was installed at the water crossing at Escape Creek. This will be a one day removal process of the bridge so if you can avoid that area for the day that would be great. If you have any questions please email or call 807-632-8329.Read More

The City of Thunder Bay Indigenous Advisory Council is an integral component of the work of the Indigenous Relations Office which provides guidance, support and direction. The Council creates a fundamental way of connecting to the community while receiving support and guidance on issues of protocol, traditional practices and ceremonies, and continues to serve a vital role in guiding the work of the Indigenous Relations and Inclusion Office and the City Corporation as a whole. For full details on applying to join this Council click on “Read More”.Read More

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry offer free fishing February 18th -20th, 2023. Ontario families and friends can enjoy fishing anywhere in the province without having to purchase a licence or carry an Outdoors Card. For full details on this click on “Read More”Read More