RSMIN’s Economic Development Mission is to build a modern-day community that uses traditional knowledge, practices, culture, spirituality, and community values to guide our development. The goal is to build a diverse economic engine to provide stability, sustainability, and independence for the RSMIN Community by implementing and conducting Economic Development strategy.

For the Economic Development team and the RSMIN Community this means becoming economically self-reliant and meaningfully engaged in the global economic future and to protect, promote RSMIN Community values and culture in the development of projects and future progress.

The RSMIN Economic Development key concepts are:

  • Building citizen businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Developing North-Western Ontario industry
  • Integrating businesses and industries
  • Innovating and developing new technologies, processes, and ideas
  • Developing Local, Provincial, National and Global projects
  • Improving the economic status of all Indigenous people in the process, (local and abroad)
  • Gathering data to identify community resources, planning opportunities, and aid decision making

It is important to support the RSMIN community businesses and entrepreneurs, from business plans and budgets, to marketing and promotion. Every citizen in our community is meaningful and valuable. That is why we have created a strong and experienced Team of Business Advisors that will help plan and execute business strategies that improve efficiency in the operational and financial areas of each business.

The team of business advisors will help businesses with preparing budgets, projects, and marketing, as well as perform risk analysis.

In addition the team will help with:

  • Analyzing financial records and preparing budgets.
  • Improving processes by recommending operational changes.
  • Developing marketing strategies and identifying target markets
  • Identifying opportunities for future business development and expansion.
  • Developing and maintaining internal and external communication channels such as online services.
  • Performing risk analysis to mitigate and manage risks.
  • Retraining and re-positioning businesses to be more environmentally sustainable
  • Aligning all business opportunities and economic growth with RSMIN community values
  • Use data-driven analytics and community values to guide entrepreneurs

Contact Economic Development

Team of Business Advisors

807 623 4635 x 402