Red Sky Métis Independent Nation Community Heritage Wiki Launch

After months of hard work, the Red Sky Métis Independent Nation (RSMIN) Heritage team is ecstatic to officially announce the launch of the public RSMIN Community Heritage Wiki (CHW).  You can now find this wiki site at

The RSMIN CHW is a groundbreaking concept in relation to how other communities are collecting and preserving data, and although many other wiki sites exist, such as Wikipedia, there are no other sites that are completely dedicated to one community with goals in preserving its unique and untold heritage.  The RSMIN CHW is a shared, collaborative, on-line, collection of researched and cited information directly related to the RSMIN community and has been sought and curated by the RSMIN community.  RSMIN hopes that publicly sharing the community’s untold history will not only bring the community closer, but also help educate others and move toward recognition and healing.

The CHW is supported by an RSMIN project called Bring It Forward, with goals to capture and preserve the community’s history in a searchable and editable database. The CHW contains a compilation of summaries of original documents, reports and people.  Additionally, the CHW includes traditional knowledge information including interviews with RSMIN citizens, elders and other people involved with the community. The CHW also captures oral transmission of stories, histories, lessons and other knowledge in a way that can be preserved for many years to come.  To learn more about the Bring It Forward project, please visit and search ‘Bring It Forward’.

Currently the contributors and editors of the RSMIN CHW are directly working with the RSMIN community through project initiatives in order to set the groundwork and develop a useful, well-researched database.  Plans are in development for the RSMIN CHW to fully become a collaborative source of historical data.  Currently the public is encouraged to submit changes, stories and any new relevant data, (see How to Submit Changes and New Stories below).  The current editors working with RSMIN will review and curate any additional information submitted.

We hope that you find the new wiki site fresh and modern; we worked, and continue to work hard to make sure it contains invaluable heritage information and stories for the RSMIN community.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email us.

Thank you, Salute, and Meegwetch.

How to Submit Changes and New Stories

To become a contributor to the RSMIN CHW, please email or write your submission to one of the following addresses:


RSMIN Community Heritage Wiki
406 Victoria Avenue East
Thunder Bay, ON P7C1A5

Phone: 807-623-4635 (Thunder Bay)

Currently, all contributions are being vetted and reviewed by the RSMIN Bring It Forward Project team. This is to ensure the RSMIN CHW remains a relevant source of information to the RSMIN Community. Not all information and stories contributed are guaranteed to be published.

For more information about becoming a contributor, please visit and search ‘How to submit changes and new stories’.