RSMIN’s Community Resources mission is to assess and protect the interests of the RSMIN Community by implementing the following key concepts:

  • Guiding citizens to programs and resources that are relevant and responsive to a healthy and prosperous life for the citizens, their families, and communities.
  • Designing and building resources and programs for cultural and human reconnection and to help solve critical challenges; and taking ground-breaking and effective action to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Supporting community engagement, offering training and technical assistance, and other health resources.

The RSMIN Community Resources team is here to build a strong, positive working connection with RSMIN citizens, and internal and external partners.

  • They work to create an environment that facilitates shared visions and fosters participation from RSMIN citizens that will strengthen families and communities.
  • They help grow a modern-day community that uses traditional knowledge, practices, culture, spirituality, and community values.
  • They establish resources and develop programs while assessing the community’s needs.
  • They will connect with services that assist with healing, educating, restoring, and inspiring all RSMIN citizens.

Meet the Community Resources Team