Who qualifies to be registered as a citizen of the RSMIN Community?

Anyone who has verifiable evidence to show that they are a direct descendent of one or more of the 84 half-breeds from the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850 can apply to be a Citizen of Red Sky Métis Independent Nation™ (RSMIN).

What is the application process?

If you would like to apply for membership with RSMIN, you must go through the following process:

1. Obtain a copy of your long form birth certificate
2. Gather any supporting documentation of your family’s Métis ancestry, as far back as you can.  This includes information such as:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Baptismal records
  • Newspaper clippings of birth, marriage or death announcements
  • Any other relevant information pertaining to your Métis ancestry

3. Contact RSMIN, and discuss your interest in applying for membership.
4. Download and complete an application.
5. RSMIN staff will then take your application and supporting documentation, review it, and conduct a genealogical analysis of your ancestry to confirm your eligibility for membership.
6. Once your membership eligibility is confirmed, RSMIN staff will proceed with the photo ID card process.

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