They are looking for input to identify opportunities in the following area: Horticulture awareness and education, Arts and culture, Short or long term programming, Events, Protentional Conservatory steering committee or advisory board, Potential partnerships related to plant/flower production the greenhouse space.Continue Reading

If you will be hunting or in the area please note the signs posted on the roads for your safety in that area. Activity dates run from November 26th, 2020-November 26, 2023. If you have any questions please contact Colleen Kurcinka at or call (807)623-4635 extension 210.Continue Reading

Wrecked, Abandoned, Dilapidated and hazardous vessels (known as vessels of concern, or VOCs) can pose risks to the environment, public health and safety, local interests such as fishing and tourism, and also to culturally sensitive area. The National Strategy on Wrecked and Abandoned Vessels, part of the federal government’s OceansContinue Reading

Maps for slash pile burning on the Black Spruce, Dog River-Matawin and Armstrong portion of the Lake Nipigon Forest can be found below. The prescribed burn will reduce the area covered in slash piles while increasing the area available for regeneration and reducing the fire hazard. The burn is scheduledContinue Reading