If you will be hunting or in the area, please note the signs posted on the road for your safety. The drill program will commence before March 31, 2021 with no set end date. If you have any questions please contact Colleen Kurcinka at mda@rsmin.ca or call (807)623-4635 extension 210. Click onContinue Reading

RSMIN is looking for members who are interested in participating in a short course to learn about how to conduct an Environmental Assessment (EA) and grow our communities skills to support the EA for the Waasigan Transmission Line. These skills are completely transferrable and can also be applied to otherContinue Reading

Wrecked, Abandoned, Dilapidated and hazardous vessels (known as vessels of concern, or VOCs) can pose risks to the environment, public health and safety, local interests such as fishing and tourism, and also to culturally sensitive area. The National Strategy on Wrecked and Abandoned Vessels, part of the federal government’s OceansContinue Reading