Are there members in your Aboriginal community that require firearm safety training to enable them to obtain their firearm license so they can purchase firearms and ammunition?

We offer firearm safety courses, which would be held in your remote community that would be free for each Aboriginal individual taking the course. The only cost to the Aboriginal community is to provide meals and lodging and a place to hold the courses. The following is a list of the services we would provide free of charge:

The courses are presented in a way that is easy to understand, very informal, has lots of visual aids and hands-on training. The reading and writing skills of an individual does not matter, as all of the material is presented orally and testing can be done orally as well.

Since 2001, we have provided these services to 30 First Nation communities throughout Northwestern Ontario.  We are now scheduling courses for this year and would like the opportunity to visit your community and assist your members. Courses can be taken by anyone 12 years and older.

Visit or contact our office for more information.

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