RSMIN is looking for members who are interested in participating in a short course to learn about how to conduct an Environmental Assessment (EA) and grow our communities skills to support the EA for the Waasigan Transmission Line. These skills are completely transferrable and can also be applied to otherContinue Reading

The Waasigan Transmission Line between Thunder Bay, Atikokan and Dryden will provide additional electrical capacity to northwestern Ontario. If you are interested in the training modules for Environmental Assessment Preparation and Review or Natural Environmental, Field Studies and Monitoring please fill in the form below before the May 31, 2020.Continue Reading

RSMIN is seeking 6-10 Citizens in the Thunder Bay area looking to complete a basic prospecting course.  The course is free of cost and will include a several day learning session involving class room learning as well as hands on training in the field.  If this course is of interestContinue Reading

Programs related to nuclear and other power plants: And here is some info on student awards/scholarships:  (OPG) Reading