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Wrecked, Abandoned, Dilapidated and hazardous vessels (known as vessels of concern, or VOCs) can pose risks to the environment, public health and safety, local interests such as fishing and tourism, and also to culturally sensitive area. The National Strategy on Wrecked and Abandoned Vessels, part of the federal government’s Oceans Protection Plan, aims to prevent the occurrence of new VOCs and address those that already exist in Canadian waters. The Coast Guard has been notified of a wreck in Port Coldwell, Ontario (48.756767, -86.535984) we are asking for your feedback on what should happen to these VOCs? Your input would be appreciated especially if you live in the area of Port Coldwell, Ontario. For more information click on “read more”

Before submitting your feedback please review the below document on “Understanding the Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act” from the Government of Canada

To provide your feedback to the office please call (807)623-4635 or email