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Sitch Creek and Whitewood Culverts Replacement

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is planning to replace 3 structural culverts on Highway 588 and Highway 595 located in the Township of O’Connor and the Township of Gillies (please refer to the location map below)

Structural inspections undertaken by MTO have determined these structural culverts require replacement to preserve the integrity of the roadway and to maintain public safety. The existing culverts will be removed and replaced at the same location with a new structural culvert. The culverts will be replaced in two phases.

Phase 1. The two culverts on Hwy 595 (Sitch Creek #1 and Whitewood Creek) will be replaced first. The highway will be closed to through traffic at the work sites. Through traffic at the Whitewood Creek Culvert site will be detoured along Broome Road, Garbutt Road and Smith Road. Through traffic for the Sitch Creek Culvert site will be detoured along Hwy 588, Hwy 590 and Hwy 595.

Phase 2. Through traffic during the replacement of the Sitch Creek Culvert on Hwy 588 will be detoured on Hwy 595 and Hwy 590.

The activities planned are scheduled for the upcoming construction season and the MTO will provide advance notices prior to any work being conducted. If you have any questions or concerns with the upcoming work please contact us by email at or by phone at 807-623-4635 ext. 200.

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