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Forestry Survey

Dear RSMIN Citizen,

We are seeking feedback regarding Forest Management and the protection of wildlife in our traditional territory. The information collected will help MNRF manage the health of the forest and balance the needs of the community.


Moose Emphasis Area Preference


A Moose Emphasis Area (MEA) is a designated area on a Forest Unit that is selected to provide all the necessary habitat components for moose. This area includes, forest area, browse area, mature conifers, mixed woods area etc. to ensure that moose have everything they need to succeed. MEAs cannot be harvested during the 10-year Forest Management Plan they were selected in and are protected from the general public.


RSMIN is looking to determine what is most important to the citizens of RSMIN when it comes to MEA. Please answer the following questions so that all options can be considered when planning MEAs on the  Forest.


Which of the following options would you prefer?


  • MEAs have all necessary components including browse, wetlands, etc. in order to give moose the best chance to succeed and thrive, even if that means restricting road access to these areas are removed for the duration of the 10 year Forest Management Plan.


  • MEAs have some of the components to help moose succeed and they are placed in a location that does not heavily impact current road access.



Please send you answer and your comments to by February 9th, 2018.

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