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Trapline Registation

Attention RSMIN Trappers,

Members of rights-bearing Indigenous communities do not require an Ontario Trapping licence when trapping for food, social or ceremonial purposes with their traditional territory.  Only commercial fur harvesting requires the issuance of an Ontario Trapping licence and assignment to a registered trapline area.

Currently there are no registered traplines available for relocation in the traditional territory, however There is an opportunity to register for upcoming Trapline Locations in the Thunder Bay and Nipigon Districts once they become available.  The deadline to register is April 6, 2018

If you are an RSMIN citizen and are seeking and trapline area in the region, Please contact Kayla at 807-623-4635 or by email at


MNRF supporting Documents

Criteria for establishing a significant Aboriginal family connection to a registered trapline

Allocation of head trappers for registered traplines


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