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RSMIN MDA Job Posting

Mineral Development Advisor
Red Sky Métis Independent Nation – Thunder Bay, ON
Job Summary:

Red Sky Métis Independent Nation™ consists of descendants of the 84 “half-breeds” who were recognized by the Crown as beneficiaries and annuitants under the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850, in concurrence with the First Nation peoples. RSMIN is distinct from the First Nation peoples, by ways of our traditional lands, traditions, customs, and practices.
The Mineral Development advisor will participate in the education, execution, analysis and evaluation of Red Sky Métis Independent Nation Mining Consultation activities.

Role and Responsibilities:
• Review all changes and incoming requests for mining activities
• Review all literature provided related to mining projects
• Collect and analyze data
• Conduct meetings with proponents and Regulatory staff
• Visit project sites (projects are located in rural settings within the Robinson Superior Treaty area
• Map and Analyse potential impacts using ArcMap
• Prepare materials for RSMIN Committee review
• Educate RSMIN citizens of ongoing mining activities through community meetings, interviews, newsletters, email etc..
• Educate RSMIN citizens on the mining act and on Aboriginal and Treaty rights
• Maintain accurate records of interviews, safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary
• Maintain a record of all consultation activities on RSMIN server
• Manage and respond to project related email
• Meet all comment deadlines
• Design and maintain databases, data collection forms, and error checking methods and related programs for efficient collection, analysis, and reporting.
• Prepare, maintain, and update website with project material.
• Document Areas and Points of Interest in GIS Software.
• Participate in research project meetings and propose recommendations for procedure modifications and development in the areas of data management, quality control, and assurance.
• Attend conferences, information sessions, seminars and other meetings related to environmental, economic development or mining subjects
• Attend relationship building and RSMIN planned events.
• Keep project participants informed of project progress through regular reports and newsletters.
• Prepare other articles, reports, and presentations
• Follow Internal processes
• Liaise between RSMIN citizens’, the proponent and/or regulators to reach acceptable solutions to concerns.
• Work directly with the community consultant to make recommendations about projects to RSMIN Council.
• Discuss potential economic development opportunities with proponents.

Additional Expectations:
The Project Manager may assign other duties and responsibilities. Work requirements and schedules must also be discussed with the Project Manager to ensure that the work priorities can be accomplished within the 75 work hours scheduled biweekly.
While the work may be of complex nature, the successful candidate will be required to prioritize and accommodate plans/schedules to meet the needs of RSMIN. In other words, some personal judgment will need to be exercised to determine appropriate work schedule.
There will be expectation to work on-site, in Thunder Bay, Ontario unless approved by the project manager. This will ensure project goals are being met, and encourage group discussion regarding the project and the history.

• Bachelor’s degree or acquiring a degree in a relevant field of study or
• 2 years of relevant experience in a mining or environmental capacity
• Experience in a field relating to sensitive information
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to present and facilitate small and large scale meetings
• Above average proficiency in computer and Internet applications
• Self motivated and ability to work with little or no supervision
• Ability to record and report accurately and proficiently
• Team oriented
• General understanding of the regulatory process in Ontario
• Obtain or willing to obtain GIS capabilities required for the position through training.

Preferred Skills:
• Experience with GIS (ArcMap)
• Consultation Experience
• Mining Experience
• Geology, Biology or Forestry areas of study
• Knowledgeable in aboriginal Law and provincial regulations involved with mining

Opening Date: July 25, 2016
Closing Date: August 12, 2016
Position Type: contract, full time

Send Applications to by 5:00pm August 12, 2016.
Subject: RE: 20160801 – MDA
No Phone Calls, Please
RSMIN thanks all applicants for their interest, however only those who meet the required criteria will be contacted for an interview.

The closing date has been extended to August 22, 2016


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