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Proposed Changes to the Fish and Wildlife Act 1997

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is proposing two amendments to the Fish and Wildlife Act 1997 that will change the regulations in support of the province’s moose objectives.   The first proposal (012-6075) will aim to enhance and streamline the moose hunting season in southern Ontario. The calf season would be a uniform seven days across the province, changing from the current six day regulation. Proposal (012-6073) is focused on the Coyote and Wolf hunting regulations. This includes the change from game tags to small game licence to hunt Coyote and Wolves in Northern Ontario with a maximum of two wolves annually and no limit for coyotes. In Central Ontario the regulations are two game seals for both coyotes and wolves and a reporting system for Northern and Central Ontario. The new proposals are aimed at the Moose objectives set out in the province by reducing the predators and simplifying the regulations.


A new policy (012-6074) is also being proposed to implement moose population objectives and other potential future actions to support moose management in Ontario until 2030. The policy describes the goals of each area and the MNRF will make decisions based on the objectives set out in this document. Please see the following link to review the proposed documents, the deadline for submission of comments is January 18th for the ministry. Please send in questions or comments to Consultation@RSMIN.ca by January 17th.


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