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Lac Des Iles PREQUALIFICATION for Supply of Equipment, Materials or Services

RE: PREQUALIFICATION for Supply of Equipment, Materials or Services

In preparation for the crushing for underground backfill rock, Lac des Iles Mines Ltd. is seeking suppliers who have the necessary qualifications, expertise, resources and personnel to supply Equipment, Materials or Services for the requirements of this project.

Your company has been selected as a potential supplier to be added to our Master Bidder list. You are requested to complete the attached prequalification document.

As well as responding to the questions on the attached form, you will also be required to submit various documents as attachments to your submission. This will be noted at various points in the questionnaire.  To ensure that you submit all required documentation, we are including a list for your convenience.

Please refer to Appendix “C” indicating what forms are required.

Please return the questionnaire complete with all attachments on or before February24th, 2014, 12h00pm to the undersigned.

Late or incomplete documents will be cause to eliminate your company from having the opportunity to tender any future requirements. E-mail submissions will be accepted.

Please be assured that any information supplied to Lac des Iles Mines Ltd. for the purpose of this prequalification process, is strictly confidential and used only for the intended purposes.

Should you have any questions concerning the questionnaire, please contact the undersigned.

Yours truly,

John Macey

Materials Manager







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