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This Month's Feature

Founding Families - This page contains the names of Métis families included on the first pay lists following the Robinson-Superior Treaty, 1850, they are considered to be the founding families of Red Sky Métis Independent Nation™.

Did You Know?

William Benjamin Robinson stipulates, in his Report, that there were 84 half-breeds in the Lake Superior region at the time of the Robinson-Superior Treaty, 1850. According to the early pay lists recorded in the Hudson’s Bay Company and Indian Affairs Records, however, there were anywhere between 42 and 43 Métis families or between 147 and 159 people residing in Fort William, and Michipicoten (now Wawa) respectively. An additional 4 Métis families and 20 people are cited as residing in the Fort Nipigon and Long Lake regions.

In The News

On September 3, 2016, the second long-lost ship of explorer Sir John Franklin, HMS Terror, was found in pristine condition at the bottom of an Arctic bay, right where Sammy Kogvik, an Inuk from Gjoa Haven, said it would be. This discovery challenges the accepted history behind one of the Arctic's deepest mysteries.

Interestingly, Louison Jr. DeLaronde, ancestor of Red Sky Métis Independent Nation, was part of the Sir John Richardson Admiralty Expedition (1847-48). This expedition was assisted by John Rae and was one of the attempts made to find the lost ships of Franklin's Polar Expedition.