Sandra Van Dong
Team Lead
Sandra has a unique combination of business experience in facilitation and process development, as well as a background in project management and technical writing. She is fluent in both French and English and has studied Psychology and Human Behaviour. She has experience in research and archiving and has conducted interviews which lends well to the current Bring It Forward Project. She has worked on past projects, implementing new ideas, including the design of a wiki database to house critical departmental procedures and client information. Using her past project experience, Sandra has implemented her vision with the Bring It Forward Project, leading the History Team to design and execute an on-line wiki database which will capture all historical information and traditional knowledge related to the RSMIN community. Part of her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, writing, updating and archiving data, conducting literature reviews, preparing and analyzing interview questions, identifying historical data and traditional knowledge, maintaining accurate records of interviews, and safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects. As the BIF Project Manager she also ensures that all history project goals are being met, that timelines are being met, and she reviews and edits written reports and the summaries of interviews and other pertinent data. Learning more about the community, both about the past and present, the information collected through the BIF project, will also blend with Sandra's continual goal with RSMIN, which is to produce a history book containing the traditional knowledge and untold stories of the RSMIN community.
Amanda Berg, B.A., M.P.S.
Research Assistant
Amanda is a recent graduate of the Master of Public Service program at the University of Waterloo. This program provides advanced education on Canadian policy development and implementation, policy analysis, government structure and functions and policy relevant statistical and data analysis. In 2011 Amanda graduated from the University of Waterloo, having completed an undergraduate degree in Honours Political Science and History with a specialization in International Relations and Global Governance. As a result, she specializes in historical research, policy development, data collection and data analysis. Amanda also has experience with business analysis techniques, which include stakeholder interviews, data collection and documenting said data. As part of the Bring it Forward (BIF) Project team Amanda’s role has included research on various topics related to RSMIN’s history, including traditional and current land use as well as traditional knowledge. Additionally, Amanda has worked on synthesizing and summarizing research findings, the development of a Traditional Knowledge Questionnaire and conducting Traditional Knowledge interviews with RSMIN citizens. In line with one of the BIF Project’s main objectives, Amanda has worked on the preliminary stages of archiving and recording RSMIN’s history in Wiki format. Amanda will continue to work on data collection and archiving it on RSMIN’s Wiki, as there is still an abundance of historical data to be analyzed. Amanda will also conduct a number of Traditional Knowledge Interviews with RSMIN citizens in order to collect as much stakeholder data as possible regarding current and past land uses in the Robinson-Superior Treaty area.