Who qualifies to be registered as a citizen of the RSMIN Community?

Anyone who has verifiable evidence to show that they are a direct descendent of one or more of the “half-breeds” recognized as beneficiaries of the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850 can apply to be a Citizen of Red Sky Métis Independent Nation™ (RSMIN).

Individuals who wish to become citizens of RSMIN must meet the RSMIN citizenship criteria:

  • Those persons who demonstrate ancestral connection with one or more of the “half-breeds” recognized as beneficiaries of the Robinson-Superior Treaty and listed as annuitants on Hudson’s Bay Company lists, and were a part of the Historic RSMIN Community at the time of the Robinson-Superior Treaty of 1850; and
  • Those persons who self-identify as belonging to the RSMIN Community; and
  • Those persons who have been accepted by the RSMIN Community; and
  • Those Persons who are not legally, administratively or politically recognized as ‘Indian’ or ‘Inuit’, or represented as a member of another recognized aboriginal community.

(Note: To prove your connection to the Historic Community you may only need to know your connection to another registered RSMIN citizen, as registered citizens have demonstrated a link to the Historic Community.)

How do I Apply? What is the application process?

If you feel you meet the above criteria and wish to apply please follow this process:

1. Obtain a copy of your long form birth certificate.

2. Gather any supporting documentation of your family’s Métis ancestry, as far back as you can.  This includes information such as:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Baptismal records
  • Newspaper clippings of birth, marriage or death announcements
  • Any other relevant information pertaining to your Métis ancestry.

4. Print and Complete the Citizenship Application Form.

5. Send in your application, and attached extras: genealogy, photos, proof of identity, old card, etc. in a package to RSMIN Office.  Or scan all items, and email items with the subject line of (Applicants First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth) to registry@rsmin.ca.

If you have any questions regarding your application please contact the RSMIN Registry Office at registry@rsmin.ca or via telephone at 807 623 4635 ext 111.

6. Your application will then be reviewed and processed by the RSMIN genealogy and registry departments. Note this could take some time as there is a large volume of applicants to process, and some cases take more time to verify then others.

7. Upon completion of the registry process you will be issued a new RSMIN SSID, this card objectively verifies that you have met all of the above criteria and are a citizen of RSMIN.

As Aboriginal People of Canada, RSMIN Citizens are entitled to those rights and privileges that flow from the Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution, Aboriginal / Métis Rights. These rights are still relatively new and all of the grey areas have yet to be defined. The long process of re-establishing Rights that flow from the Robinson Superior Treaty (1850) is still the primary goal of RSMIN. For a full list of rights and privileges available to RSMIN Citizens please see RSMIN.ca/rights.