Since 2010, the NWMO has been engaged in a multi-year, community-driven process to identify a site where Canada’s used nuclear fuel can be safely contained and isolated in a deep geological repository. The site selection process emerged through a two-year dialogue. It reflects the ideas, experience and best advice of a broadContinue Reading

Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO)  is looking for bids to drill 2 bore holes for testing purposes near Ignace Ontario.  This is part of Phase II of the site selection process for the Deep Geological Repository (DGR). The RFP was posted on December 14th and will Close February 13th, 2017 IfContinue Reading

Nuclear Waste Management has listed several positions to their Website.  Please follow the link for more details. Reading

NWMO is responsible for the deployment of a long term management plan for used nuclear fuel in Canada. One of the most vital aspects of the plan is the location in which the used nuclear fuel will be stored.  The way the location will be selected can be explained in theContinue Reading