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Ministry of Energy – Long-Term Energy Plan Updates

We are preparing a response to the Ministry of Energy as it updates its Long-Term Energy Plan. This plan will help guide the province as it continues to build a reliable, clean and cost-effective electricity system.  The Ministry will be requesting the Ontario Power Authority to update their Integrated Power System Plan to reflect changing conditions in the economy and take into account the progress that has been made.  

For further information:   Ontario Ministry of Energy

We would appreciate hearing from you to ensure our input reflects the views of Red Sky members.  Please consider the following questions and forward any input you may have to our offices or by email.

1. After several years of stable rates, electricity prices for Ontarians are increasing now due to investments in infrastructure and new generation. How should increased costs to Ontarians be weighed against other goals in power system planning like modernizing infrastructure, building new generation and increasing renewable energy production while phasing out dirty coal generation?

2. How do you think the electricity demands of families and businesses will change over the next 20 years in Ontario?

3. What role should renewable forms of energy like hydro, solar, wind and biomass play in Ontario’s future supply mix?

4. What type of generation should replace dirty coal in Ontario’s supply mix?

5. What role should natural gas play in Ontario’s future energy supply?

6. What role should nuclear power play in Ontario’s future supply mix?

7. What is the appropriate and cost effective level of investment in transmission and distribution – the infrastructure that carries power from stations and delivers it to our homes and businesses – to target in our future power grid? How should we balance the needs of cost-effectiveness with ensuring appropriate build-out?

8. Are Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) programs, that provide tools to help manage bills and avoid new system costs, important to Ontario’s energy future? Are there ways to enhance them?

9. What key elements do you think should be considered to ensure that Ontario’s energy system remains reliable, sustainable, clean and cost-effective for our children and grandchildren?

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