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Magino Gold Project Survey

Please take some time and answer the below questions relating to the RSMIN Community and the Magino Gold Project. You participation will aid in the collection of Valued Community Components that will be used to better understand the overall needs of the community, impacts and mitigation measures that could be applied to this project and future projects.

More information regarding the Project can be found at http://www.argonautgold.com/gold_operations/magino/ and found in the information package included with this survey.

This Survey is also available to Download in PDF Format,  print, fill out and send in to, or drop off at the RSMIN Office at 406 Victoria Avenue East, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada P7C1A5

If you have more information you would like to share please contact the RSMIN Office T (807) 623-4635. You can share your information over the phone, or schedule a face to face interview at the RSMIN Office or in your home.

For information regarding French Survey’s and Interviews please contact the RSMIN Office at (807) 623-4635.
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Do you live in or near the area Identified on the attached map? (see map above) What City/Town do you live?

Do you or your family currently use (within last few years) or have you used in the past, the lands and waters in the general vicinity of the area as identified on the map? Please specify when and the main uses.

(e.g. 30 years ago hunting, last year fishing, trapping, boating, hiking etc.)?

Please explain the location of the sites, or indicate on a printed map the precise locations.

Do you have any Environmental Concerns? Or do you have and Environmental Concerns about the Proposed Project?

(Noise, Animal Habitat, Water Quality)

Do you have a registered trap line? Are your trap lines active? Where are your trap lines located? Are any of your trap line affected by this Project and how?

Do you hold a commercial fishing license? Where is your commercial license Valid?

Do you routinely or occasionally collect plants/wood/berries/ or other forest resources? What and Where and When do you collect? 

What do you use Gathered Resources for?

Will your gathering activities be disrupted, or blocked off from the project footprint?

e.g. (berries, vegetables, herbs, trees, shrubs, mushrooms, water plants, lumber, firewood, etc.)

Do you routinely or occasionally Hunt or Fish? 

What and Where and When do you hunt or Fish?   What do you Resources for?

Who do you Hunt or Fish with?

Will your gathering activities be disrupted, or blocked off from the project?

e.g. (Moose, Dear, Trout, near lake Nipigon, I share the fish I catch with my brother. etc.)

Have you noticed changes over time to resources that you have traditionally harvested or changes to your access to resources?

Are there any species in general that have disappeared, decreased or increased in number?

Have you noticed any change to the health of the environment? 

Are you concerned with changes to the environment?

Are you aware of any sites of significance that should be identified?

( e.g. burial ground, historic sites, etc.)

Are there any other historical sites, cultural sites, gathering sites, or other areas that have special meaning to you or your family that you would like to share?

Please explain the location of the sites, or indicate on a printed map the precise locations.

Would you be interested in employment, training, or other business opportunities?

Please explain

Would you like to participate in Cultural and Traditional Knowledge sharing workshops?

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to volunteer to teach a workshop?

Are you concerned that the operation of proposed Projects in the area will negatively or positively impact you?

Please explain. (Impacts may be associated to your employment or business, sale of harvested produce, Aboriginal or Treaty Rights, or your general day to day life, etc. )

Would you like to suggest any changes to proposed Projects in the area, including mitigation measures, to help address any of the issues or concerns that you have raised? 

(If you do not possess a RSMIN Identification Card, please enter your name in this field.)

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