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Proposed Pulp and Paper Industry Standard under the Local Air Quality Regulation (Ontario Reg. 419/05)

The pulp and paper sector approached the Ministry of the Environment with a request to develop a proposed Technical Standard under the provincial local air quality regulation — this technical standard is a technology-based compliance approach designed for two or more facilities in a sector that may not be able to meet one or more air standards due to technical or economic limitations.

 The technical standard can be use to manage air emissions for multiple facilities (within one or more sectors) and can include a wide range of contaminants.  The key contaminants for the pulp, paper and paperboard sector include Total Reduced Sulphur (TRS), chlorine dioxide, chlorine, chloroform and benzo-a-pyrene. The proposal also contains 49 other contaminants for which the analysis showed that the sector was meeting the air standards.

 The proposed standard has a number of considerations and requirements relating to the contaminants, as well as a combination of compliance approaches  that collectively form a strategy for accountability, improvement, reporting and ministry oversight.

A proposal notice (# 011-8107) has now been posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) registry for public review and comment.  The posting will remain open until April 13, 2013 and is available at the following link:  

 The ministry invites you to visit the EBR website and review the proposed Pulp and Paper Technical Standard.  All comments are welcome and will be considered by the ministry before a final decision is made to proceed with the proposed technical standard.


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