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MINFOCUS EXPLORATION CORP. – Proposed Drill Program – Winter 2013

Minfocus is planning a small drill program this winter on claims:  4249832 and 4249833 in the Bedivere Lake claim map area. This area is located north of the Thunder Bay – Atikokan Highway 11.  Interested people are encouraged to apply. Even if individuals are not selected for this program, there will likely be more opportunities in the future.  Names and relevant information/CV/resumes will be kept on file for future opportunities.

Interested individuals can send their name, contact details, relevant training, education, and/or experience to Rebecca Darling rebecca@minfocus.com directly. A formal resume or CV is welcome, but not necessary.  Competitive applicants will have relevant training and experience and must share Minfocus’ commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

NOTE: Proposed work program is still under application. No hiring or any other plans will be finalized until the permit has been approved.


It is assumed the drill contractor will supply a five person crew comprising one foreman, two drillers and two helpers.  The company will supply a supervisor/logistics person, geologist and core splitter/support person.  Therefore the accommodation facility will need to provide space for eight persons plus potentially one visitor for a total of nine. Of these two will need rooms that are quiet for daytime sleeping due to their working the night shift. Total duration of the accommodation needs will likely be between 3 and 4 weeks with the full nine persons only present for 2 – 3 weeks.

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