Video Survey Questionnaire

Please take a moment to fill out this 13 question Video Survey Questionnaire

Have you participated or are you scheduled to participate in our personal history of hunting, fishing and gathering Video Survey?

Would like to participate in future video or non video surveys? If you would like to be contacted to participate in future video or non video surveys please enter in the box below:  Your Name,  Phone Number, and or Email Address. Your information will be kept confidential.

Do you Hunt?

What do you hunt?

Where do you Hunt?

Do you fish?

What do you fish?

Where do you Fish?

Do you fish commercially?

Do you gather plants, or wild berries?

For what purpose do you collect plants? e.g. Medicine, To Eat, to Build Things,

What kind of plant or berry do you collect?

In what areas do you collect Plants or Berries?

Thank you.

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