Petition for a Reserve

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Petition for a Reserve

Name of document:

Petition for a Reserve

Type of document:

Primary documentation, petition, National Archives of Canada

Summary of the data:

The Chief (Antoine Morriseau), Second Chief (Batise [Drundles?]) and 'Halfbreed' Chief (John Anenyo) and the people of Pic River petitioned the Governor General in Council for a reserve on June 23, 1880. According to the petition, a large number of people settled at Pic River and many more planned to do so and as a result they requested a reservation. Although the Band had a sizeable population at the time of the Robinson-Superior Treaty, 1850, their Chief was not present at the negotiations and therefore was not awarded a reserve. Please see the important people section for the list of the names of petitioners, some of who are Red Sky Métis Independent Nation™'s founding families or descendants thereof.

Included with the petition was a note authored by J.F. Jamot who requests that the petition be given attention. In Alison Gale's Historical Report she notes that "[n]o response to this petition was located" (36).

Important dates mentioned in the document:

June 23, 1880: Date of petition

Important people discussed in the document:

J.F. Jamot
Chief Antoine Morriseau
Batise (Drundles?) 2d Chief
John Anenyo (HB Chief)
John Finlayson
[Marie?] Mizakisbinas
David Mijazibines
Peter Sokiwe
Jacob Mashkigo
David Sheweindang
Edward Sabourin
George Jokan
Louis Ichikobes
Thomas Desmoulins
David Desmoulins
Peter Nurhaw
Moses Mowis
Widow Sabourin
Widow Towens
Pierre Tokani
Pierre Namegijig
John Minawasinens
Paul Kagijegabaw
Isidore Desmoulins (Isidore Dumoulon?)
John Wakodji
Louis Quinwabi
Pierre Saba
Joseph Girabatch
Basile Kitchikwinginobe
Samuel Desmoulins
J. Bte Wisiia
Jos Chabigan
Widow Oshitigwanens
Widow Wabinin
Widow Moosomin
Louis Wissiwa
Widow Wassegijig
Wm. Bibagawgejig
Widow Shos
Paul Jabogijig
Duncan Desmoulins
Nicholas Groshishens
Michel Jagadash
Frs Shipaw

Specific location(s) mentioned in the document (if applicable):

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Non-specific location(s) mentioned in the document (if applicable):

Pic River, Ontario
Lake Superior, Ontario-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan

Specific event(s) identified in the document (if applicable):

Robinson-Superior Treaty, 1850 (September 7, 1850)

Relevant citations:

Gale, Alison. "Robinson Treaty Métis: Historical Report." Claims Research and Assessment Directorate Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. (1998). Print.

Library and Archives Canada, Unknown, RG. 10, "Petition of Reserve," volume 2137, 23 June 1880, file 27806, microfilm reel C-11166.

Library and Archives Canada, J.F. Jamot, RG. 10, "Note by J.F. Jamot," volume 2137, 23 June 1880, file 27806, microfilm reel C-11166.

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