Robinson's Report Regarding Treaty Negotiations

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Robinson's Report Regarding Treaty Negotiations

Name of document:

Robinson's Report Regarding Treaty Negotiations

Type of document:

Primary documentation, report, National Archives of Canada

Summary of the data:

This report, authored by William Benjamin Robinson, on September 24, 1850, to R. Bruce, outlines the treaty negotiations with the Chiefs of the Native Bands in the Lake Superior and Lake Huron areas.

Robinson notes that the census of the Lake Superior region listed some twelve hundred and forty 'Indians' including "eighty-four half-breeds" (par. 14). The citizens of Red Sky Métis Independent Nation™ (RSMIN) are the descendants of the 'half-breeds' mentioned here. According to the early pay lists recorded in the Hudson’s Bay Company and Indian Affairs Records, however, there were anywhere between 42 and 43 families or between 147 and 159 people residing in Fort William and Michipicoten (now Wawa) respectively. An additional 4 families and 20 people are cited as residing in the Fort Nipigon and Long Lake regions (see the Founding Families' page).

According to Robinson, the 'half-breeds' in Sault Ste. Marie and in other regions may request to be included in future payments. Robinson responded that he was there to treat with the Chiefs and "they might give as much or as little to that class claimants as they pleased." (Robinson par. 17). At the request of the Chiefs present, Robinson distributed the funds himself.

As noted by Alexander Morris in his book, The Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North West Territories Including the Negotiations on which They Were, the annuities under the Robinson Treaties were increased under the Supplies Act of Canada from 96 cents to $4 a head (18) (see Correspondence between E.B. Borron and D. Laird for more information regarding the increase in annuities payable under the Robinson Treaties).

Important dates mentioned in the document:

September 24, 1850: Date of the report

Important people discussed in the document:

William Benjamin Robinson
R. Bruce
Chief Shinguacouse
Chief Nebennigoebing
T.G. Anderson
Alexander Vidal
Captain Ironside
Sir George Simpson
Captain Cooper

Specific location(s) mentioned in the document (if applicable):

Toronto, Ontario
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Garden River, Ontario

Non-specific location(s) mentioned in the document (if applicable):

Lake Superior, Ontario-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan
Lake Huron, Ontario-Michigan
Lake Simcoe, Ontario

Specific event(s) identified in the document (if applicable):

Robinson-Superior Treaty, 1850 (September 7, 1850)

Relevant citations:

Gale, Alison. "Robinson Treaty Métis: Historical Report." Claims Research and Assessment Directorate Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. (1998). Print.

Library and Archives Canada, W.B. Robinson, RG. 10, "W.B. Robinson Report to R. Bruce," volume 191, 24 September 1850, nos. 5401-5500, no. 5451, microfilm reel C-11513.

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