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Louison Jr. DeLaronde


Louison DeLaronde (or Laronde) was born on July 11, 1825 in Saint Boniface, Winnipeg to parents, Louis IV Denys Delaronde and Madaline Boucher (La Société Historique de Saint-Boniface, 5). In 1846, Louison was stationed as a middleman in the English River District for the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) (HBCA, Louison Jr. Laronde). According to John Rae’s Correspondence and the List of Persons on Arctic Expeditions in 1847-48, Louison DeLaronde was on the Admiralty Expedition commanded by Sir John Richardson assisted by Dr. John Rae, also known as the Rae–Richardson Arctic Expedition (Rae, 412). This expedition was one of the many attempts by the British to find the lost ship of Franklin's Polar Expedition. In his diary, John Richardson writes that Louison Delaronde, with François Chartier, carried dispatches and letters for Richardson from Fort Confidence to Île-à-la-Crosse (281).

In 1849 Louison took a job as a steersman in Île-à-la-Crosse for the HBC, he remained there for two years. In 1854-55, Louison spent the summer with this father in the Red River Settlement (HBCA, Louison Jr. Laronde). According to Dr. John Rae’s correspondence, on June 29, 1854 Chief Factor George Barnston requested that the Chief Factor at Upper Fort Garry “engage De La Ronde [when convenient]…and send him here [Norway House]… As it may be well to keep him out of harms way for the time… Good Guides are much needed by us, and I am anxious to secure this man…” (Rae, 429-30). In 1854 Louison took a job as an interpreter and guide at Fort Garry, where he stayed for three years. Louison retired to the Red River Settlement in 1856-57 (HBCA, Louison Jr. Laronde).

According to Nicole St-Onge's book, Saint-Larent, Manitoba: Evolving Métis Identities, 1850-1914, Louison’s wife Julie Morin (Morelle) passed away while Louison was wintering in the North, the passage regarding her death notes that she had many young children, two of which were twins (44). Louison later remarried a woman named Marie Falcon, no evidence was found to suggest that Louison and Marie Falcon had any more children. Louison passed away on May 12, 1875 and was buried in St. Laurent, Manitoba (La Société Historique de Saint-Boniface, 5).

Important dates:

July, 11 1825: Louison DeLaronde is born.
1846: Louison DeLaronde is a middleman in the English River District.
1847-1849: Louison DeLaronde is a guide for the advance party of Admiralty Arctic Search. He also went on expedition commanded by Sir John Richardson. Finally, he worked as a mail carrier from Fort Confidence to Île-à-la-Crosse.
1849: Louison DeLaronde is a steersman in the English River District.
1850-1853: Louison DeLaronde is a steersman at Swan River in the York Factory Disctict.
1853-1854: Louison DeLaronde returns to the Red River Settlement.
1854-1857: Louison DeLaronde is an interpreter and guide.
1857: Louison DeLaronde retires to the Red River Settlement.
May 23, 1875: Louison DeLaronde dies.

Important people:

Louison DeLaronde's parents:

Louis IV Denys Delaronde;
Madaline Boucher.

Louison DeLaronde's siblings:

Louise DeLaronde-Thibauiere,
Paul DeLaronde,
Jean-Baptiste DeLaronde,
? DeLaronde,
Etienne DeLaronde,
Madeleline DeLaronde ,
Marie DeLaronde;
Françoise DeLaronde.

Louison DeLaronde and his wife, Judith Morin's children:

Henri DeLaronde
Jean-Baptiste (John) DeLaronde
Magloire DeLaronde
Elise DeLaronde
Joseph DeLaronde
Jean Philippe DeLaronde
Louis DeLaronde
Josephte DeLaronde
Octavie DeLaronde
Gaspard DeLaronde
Alexandre DeLaronde
Marie DeLaronde
Charles DeLaronde
Pelagie DeLaronde

Specific location(s) (if applicable):

Fort Confidence, North West Territories
Île-à-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan
Swan River, Manitoba-Saskatchewan
Red River Settlement, Manitoba
Lower Red River
Duck Bay, Manitoba
Upper Fort Garry (now downtown Winnipeg), Manitoba
Saint Boniface, Winnipeg
St. Laurent, Manitoba

Non-specific location(s) (if applicable):

English River District, Ontario

Specific event(s):

Arctic Expedition commanded by Sir John Richardson (1847-1849).

Relevant citations:

Hudson's Bay Company Archives (HBCA), Archives of Manitoba (AM), Biographical Sheet. Louison Delaronde, June 1987. Web. 23, December 2014. http://www.gov.mb.ca/chc/archives/hbca/biographical/d/delaronde_louison.pdf

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Yes. Louison Delaronde's HBC Biographical Sheets found online.

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Tuesday November 18, 2014.

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