Letter from J. Bissett to W. Sprague

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Letter from J. Bissett to W. Sprague

Name of document:

Letter from J. Bissett to W. Sprague

Type of document:

Primary documentation, letter, National Archives of Canada

Summary of the data:

This letter from J. Bissett, officer of the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), to W. Sprague, Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs on June 28th 1872 acknowledges the receipt of a cheque for the annuities for the Lake Superior Ojibway. Bissett writes that the HBC officers will send the Pay lists along with a Return, to Ottawa, that will include the names of those who are not entitled to annuities.

Important dates mentioned in the document:

March 31, 1872: End of fiscal year for annuity payments
June 28, 1872: Date letter was sent

Important people discussed in the document:

J. Bissett
W. Sprague

Specific location(s) mentioned in the document (if applicable):

Ottawa, Ontario

Non-specific location(s) mentioned in the document (if applicable):

Lake Superior, Ontario-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan

Specific event(s) identified in the document (if applicable):


Relevant citations:

Gale, Alison. "Robinson Treaty Métis: Historical Report." Claims Research and Assessment Directorate Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. (1998). Print.

Hudson's Bay Company Archives, Archives of Manitoba. James Bissett Biographical Sheet, May 2001. Web. 27, August 2015. https://www.gov.mb.ca/chc/archives/hbca/biographical/b/bissett_james.pdf

Library and Archives Canada, J. Bissett, RG. 10, "Letter from J. Bissett to W. Sprague," volume 1866, 28 June 1872, file 487, microfilm reel C-11104.

Was the information found online (yes/no)?:

Yes. Hudson's Bay Company Archives accessed online.

Document links and URLs (if applicable):

Copy of Hudson's Bay Company Archives biographical sheet for J. Bissett

Date of access:

August 28, 2015

Webmaster if identified (for online documents only:

Hudson's Bay Company Archives

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