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Ontario’s EBR Posting of Information Notices – Hauled Sewage


Hauled Sewage, commonly known as septage, is the waste material removed from portable toilets, sewage holding tanks and septic systems. Ontario’s General Waste Management Regulation (R.R. O. 1990, Reg. 347) under the EPA, as amended by O. Reg. 326/03 in 2003, prohibits the land application of untreated portable toilet waste, however untreated hauled sewage from holding tanks and septic tanks may disposed of on land in accordance with an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) issued under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA). Most of these approvals are issued by MOECC District offices and are not currently available on-line however large disposal sites and/or complex systems are typically reviewed by the Environmental Approvals Branch. Those applications reviewed and approved by the Environmental Approvals Branch are available on the MOECC Access Environment website.
MOECC is committed to ensuring that existing hauled sewage site Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs) are readily available to the public upon request. A list of current District approved sites is provided in a summary table that accompanies this notice. This list is based on current available information. Hauled sewage sites may be approved with an expiry date and require renewal, therefore, this list will be updated biannually. Not all sites that have a current approval are necessarily actively operating as a hauled sewage disposal site.
For each individual site in the summary table, contact information is provided for the District that issued the approval. The table does not include:
• Municipal sewage treatment plants that receive and treat hauled sewage
• Hauled sewage storage or disposal sites that have been approved by the MOECC’s Environmental Approvals Branch, .
• Hauled sewage disposal sites that have an ECA application currently under review by the Ministry
MOECC plans to post copies of all new or renewed hauled sewage site ECAs on the Ministry’s Access Environment web site in the future (see link at: http://www.accessenvironment.ene.gov.on.ca/AEWeb/ae/GoSearch.action)

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EBR #012-9498 EN

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