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Greenstone Gold Mine

Greenstone Gold Mine (GGM) Hardrock project has completed the Terms of Reference phase in the Regulatory process to open a potential mine near Geraldton, ON. The Environmental Assessment is the next phase in the process and is anticipated to be submitted to the CEAA in the spring of 2016.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT: The Hardrock Gold Deposit is located in Northern Ontario, Canada, approximately 275 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay. It is situated in the geographic townships of Lindsley, Errington, and Ashmore and is just a few kilometres south of the ward of Geraldton, which is part of the amalgamated Municipality of Greenstone. Premier Gold Mines Limited (Premier, the Proponent) acquired the Hardrock mining claim in December 2008 from Lac Properties. The property is a brownfield site that was actively mined during 1930-1990s and in later years was known as the MacLeod-Mosher complex. Premier has undertaken or commissioned a number of economic, environmental and engineering studies and consultation activities related to the potential Project development and will continue this approach as the Project moves through the planning, construction, operation and closure phases. Premier proposes to construct, operate and ultimately close/rehabilitate a new open pit gold mine, processing plant and ancillary facilities, collectively known as the Hardrock Project (the Project). Infrastructure will generally include an on-site processing facility, waste rock and tailings disposal sites, water treatment facility and serviced plant site. Highway 11, which is situated in the immediate footprint of the proposed open pit, will require re-location.

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Draft Greenstone Gold Mine Site Map


For additional information about the project please visit:

Greenstone Gold Website


If you have any questions or concerns with the project please contact our consultation department at 807-623-4635 or by email Consultation@RSMIN.ca



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