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    Forest Carbon; Discussion Paper

    The RSMIN consultation department is seeking input from the community on the following policy from the MNRF. The policy is being created to align goals with the Canadian Action Plan for Climate Change.

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    Student Employment Opportunity

    TransCanada is looking for Indigenous students interested in participating in our 2017 Summer Student Program. The Program is currently open to post-secondary students, aged 18+ (by May 1, 2017) who self-identify as Indigenous/Aboriginal. Opportunities are available in a range of roles at offices across Canada.

    The attached document provides more information about this opportunity and how students can apply (students cannot apply without this document). Note that the application deadline is January 22, 2017.

    TransCanada Summer Student Opportunity

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    Five-Year Review of Progress Reports for 27 species

    RSMIN has been notified of the steps taken in accordance with Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA), which provides protection for species at risk and helps to safeguard Ontario’s biodiversity. The Five-Year Review of Progress Reports for 27 species has been published under the ESA.

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    MicroFIT version 4.1 applications now being accepted

    January 4, 2017 - microFIT version 4.1 applications now being accepted

    The IESO is now accepting applications under version 4.1 of the microFIT Program.

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    Small Game and Furbearer Regulation Change Proposal

    The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is proposing regulatory amendments for furbearers and small game, including game reptile and game amphibian, under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. The proposed changes will support the current ministry strategic direction towards taking a broader landscape approach to wildlife management. The draft Small Game and Furbearer Management Framework provides policy direction for these changes.

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    Ontario’s Crown Forests: Opportunities to Enhance Carbon Storage? A Discussion Paper

    Description of Policy:

    Ontario is committed to sustainable forest management to ensure long-term Crown forest health. The province also recognizes climate change as a legitimate and urgent problem requiring government action. Healthy forests play an important role in mitigating climate change impacts because they can absorb carbon dioxide from the air and store it in wood. How Ontario’s Crown forests are managed can influence the amount of carbon stored in trees and wood products or released into the atmosphere. Specific forest management practices may reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while others may increase greenhouse gas removals from the atmosphere.

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    Open Inventory - Business

    There are many employment and economic opportunities within the Robinson Superior Treaty Area that are available to the RSMIN citizens. If you would like to learn more about how to take advantage of these opportunities, please send a brief email explaining your business or qualifications, location, citizen number and contact info to Consultation@RSMIN.ca

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    Review of Environmental and Regulatory Processes

    The Government of Canada is undertaking a review of environmental and regulatory processes.

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    Red Sky Métis Independent Nation Community Heritage Wiki Launch

    After months of hard work, the Red Sky Métis Independent Nation (RSMIN) Heritage team is ecstatic to officially announce the launch of the public RSMIN Community Heritage Wiki (CHW).  You can now find this wiki site at rsmin.ca/CHW.

    The RSMIN CHW is a groundbreaking concept in relation to how other communities are collecting and preserving data, and although many other wiki sites exist, such as Wikipedia, there are no other sites that are completely dedicated to one community with goals in preserving its unique and untold heritage.  The RSMIN CHW is a shared, collaborative, on-line, collection of researched and cited information directly related to the RSMIN community and has been sought and curated by the RSMIN community.  RSMIN hopes that publicly sharing the community's untold history will not only bring the community closer, but also help educate others and move toward recognition and healing.

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    SCC- Daniels v. Canada (Indian Affairs and Northern Development)

    Today in Canada's history, Métis have a legal home.  While the full implications of rights, privileges and limitations will be a hot topic in the upcoming months, we now have place in the government to discuss these matters.

    For more information as it becomes available please keep checking the RSMIN.ca/rights page and or subscribe to the RSMIN newsletter for upcoming updates and opportunities.

    As well RSMIN would like to invite everyone to read the official case judgment to understand the points and considerations that are a part of this judgement.  (link below)

    2016-04-14 - Supreme Court Judgments - Daniels v. Canada (Indian Affairs and Northern Development) https://scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/15858/index.do


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    NWMO Job Postings

    Nuclear Waste Management has listed several positions to their Website.  Please follow the link for more details.


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    Senior Exploration Geologist Position

    Job opportunity available at The Greenstone Gold Mine in Geraldton Ontario. Please follow the link for further details.


    Senior Exploration Geologist



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